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Leader Talk – Episode 22. Ahmed Abbassi. Executive Director at the Qatar Stars League.

December 14, 2021 Brainiact Episode 22
Leader Talk - By Brainiact
Leader Talk – Episode 22. Ahmed Abbassi. Executive Director at the Qatar Stars League.
Show Notes

Ahmed Abbassi is the Executive Director of Competitions and Football Development at the Qatar Stars League. He is also the co-founder of Qatar Solar Energy W.L.L. Previously, Ahmed was the Director of Operations at the Qatar Football National Teams and was the FIFA Competitions Coordinator during the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Ahmed is widely recognised as an experienced leader with a proven history of talent and passion in the sporting industry. Ahmed excels in all areas involving leadership, strategy, football management & governance.

Aside from his passion for football, Ahmed is renowned for his passion in the areas of public speaking, research, and linguistics.

Ahmed is a world-class Information Technology (IT) enthusiast with an Executive MBA from Manchester Metropolitan University and is currently a Doctoral Candidate working on the Executive Doctorate (DBA) focused in Business Administration and Management from École des Ponts Business School.

Ahmed is a critically acclaimed passionate leader and uses his talents to ensure that his team reach their greatest possible potential.


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