Leader Talk - By Brainiact

Leader Talk by Brainiact - Episode 17. Tony De Domenico OAM. Chair of Bertocchi Smallgoods

November 04, 2021 Brainiact Episode 17
Leader Talk - By Brainiact
Leader Talk by Brainiact - Episode 17. Tony De Domenico OAM. Chair of Bertocchi Smallgoods
Show Notes

Leader Talk is a weekly podcast proudly brought to you by Brainiact. 

In this weekly show, our hosts Pierlite ANZ CEO Gustav Arianto and Elite Words' Founder and Managing Director Natalie Dawson meet with leaders from across Australia and around the world. With one goal in mind: to give back to small to medium businesses across Australia.

Our vision is a world where everyone has access to great ideas. Leader Talk is just another Brainiact initiative to manifest this into reality.

The show is livestreamed each week on our YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

It's also syndicated to wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.


Tony De Domenico is currently the Chair of Bertocchi Smallgoods Pty Ltd, the Chair of Abalone Victoria (Central Zone), Chair of Plastic Oceans Australasia, Director of Common Equity Housing Ltd, Director of Prahran Market, and Director and Life Member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Life Member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia, and a Corporate Life Governor of The Royal Life Saving Society (ACT).

Previously, Tony was the Executive Director of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and has been Chair of Places Victoria, Deputy Chair of Development Victoria and has also served on the Council of Latrobe University including a term as Deputy Chancellor.

Through his extensive business experience, he has developed skills in business relationship management, risk management, business development, strategy, and executive management.

In terms of leadership, Tony trusts the power of persistence and passion and believes that it is a leader's task to find people that exhibit these values to empower their teams to succeed.

Tony was awarded a Medal in The Order of Australia at the Queen’s
Birthday Honours List in 2018 for his contribution to urban planning, research, and development in Victoria.


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